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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> congratulations. wow, thanks to danielle bradbery. her cd is available now, and members of our audience are getting a copy. thanks to nancy grace for guest co-hosting. following breaking news in montgomery county -- a man's body found on the side of the beltway. we are live as police try to figure out exactly how he got there. plus sounds never heard before from the beatles. a few minutes ago, the jackpot got even bigger. the astronomical stake in tonight's megamillion drawing. >> a clipper system is moving through and i've got live radar coming up and just how high the temperatures will climb by the upcoming weekend.
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we will see you back here at noon. "live with kelly and this is breaking news.
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busybody found along a stretch of the beltway. police are trying to figure out who the victim is and how he got there. this didn't investigate and is underway in silver spring now. we have our montgomery county reporter on the scene. what's the latest? not the morning commute and a driver expected. around 9:00 this morning, to passersby called 911 reporting a dead male lying in the emergency lane, close to the guard rail. is still very active. to give you an idea of our location, we are on the inner loop between georgia avenue and colesville road near holy cross hospital in silver spring. chopper seven was above the scene early this manning as officers arrived at what police are calling a suspicious death investigation. they are also saying this may be a body dump. the number of police cars and forensic vehicles has steadily
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risen over the last two hours. i asked police if the man had any visible injuries and if the had his wallet or drivers license in his pocket to identify him. investigators would not say. as far as traffic, if you think about hitting the beltway, things have picked up a bit but traffic is moving slowly on the innermost lane blocked and a lot of rubberneckers taking a look at what exactly is taking place. ais is not the norm on tuesday morning. police are checking to see if there are any traffic cams that to have captured what led this active investigation. a lot of questions and very few answers. >> thank you. taketer says it could until nearly four clock this afternoon to repair a water main break in the dupont circle area. a 12 are trying to fix
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inch main and southbound connecticut avenue is closed between m and n straight. there are other street closures in that area. we are keeping an eye on the weather. hearts of our area saw a little bit of snow today. here is a live look at the conditions along interstate 68 in maryland. >> i guess the winter is just getting here. >> we take a look at the first forecast. >> a lot of snow we saw from is from -- picture from that cumberland picture is left over. in dc, we have not seen any flights. there is low visibility, 37 degrees with fog and the nations capital with a light southerly wind. it is kind of gray and overcast invisibility is now down to two miles with a little bit of snow falling in hagerstown. a band of snow showers is over
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the eastern shore of maryland, stretching into eastern anne arundel county. a few more light snow showers over hagerstown and that is pride dominantly -- and that is predominantly where the snow has been. 36 in quantico and 45 and lexington park read this due to anion is alberta clipper sliding through. it is enough energy to produce some of the sprinkles or flurries. it should not cause too many tribal -- travel troubles. the area of high pressure will deliver a big-time warm-up in the extended forecast which i will share with you coming up. >> thank you. are following a developing story of an explosion at an apartment building which is left and woman dead and eight other people wounded in alabama. those injured included manning critical condition after being fulled -- being pulled from the rubble. it happened in birmingham but no word on what caused it. >> another smash and grab in
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montgomery county. for the ninth time in a week. police are looking for the thieves who broke into a business. >> they struck a subway business on randall road in silver spring. police are trying to figure out if this crime is connected to some of the previous break-ins. a splintered door and shattered glass greets customers at this silver spring subway after another smash and grab overnight. >> it's kind of frightening. >> the manager says that someone grabbed the cash box possibly with hundreds of dollars inside from this back room before fleeing the store. there were several cameras inside but he's not sure if he has any images of the thief. this woman owns the parcel plus next door and says her store was hit several years ago but all in all, this is a quiet shopping center. >> it looks like it started again. this is not something we need or want. >> the police say they are
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looking into whether this latest incident is connected to a series of similar crimes last week. in this security video from last week him you can see a man smashed the door, climbed through and grabbed the register. police say it was one of eight businesses struck in one night in rockville and gaithersburg. this woman hopes no one strikes any stores near hers. >> i think it happens overnight. anti-ince george's minimum-wage bill is now officially a llaw. it was signed this morning in the counties minimum-wage was $7.25 but under the new law, it will increase every year for the next four years and i will raise the minimum wage to $11.50 or hour by 2017. wells is promoting his living wage for all dc employees. he held a press conference outside the wilson building in northwest.
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the bill wants to raise the minimum wage to $12.50 per hour but 2017 and says this is just the latest push after a similar dc minimum-wage bill was vetoed by vincent gray. we this summer, i pledged would not stop until we raise the minimum wage in the city. we raised it for all workers, not just some. today, i am proud to be able to say we are almost there. his proposal would increase the dc standard deduction for income taxes to provide for low and moderate income households and would push for paid sick leave. >> did you hear about this one? the mega millions prize jumped even higher. $636 million is now at stake in one of the biggest jackpots in history. the drawing is tonight and people around our area are buying a ticket and dreaming up ways to spend the cash. we are joined live from
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arlington the details. i bet there is a rush to get tickets. >> there is, do you have yours? >> i will go after work. i will buy five dollars worth. >> don't bother, i have the winning ticket. $636 million is the new jackpot. 50 million dollars overnight. sales were pacing ahead of predictions. not the largest in history but it's pretty close. it would net you after taxes, well over $210 million. that is good for a stocking stuffer. there is video from earlier at this location in arlington. we were here last night and there was a slow stream of people coming in last night. it was more like a torrent of people this morning. first-time players and longtime players, all of them hoping to cash in just before christmas. >> you don't play, you are not
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going to win. that six dollars changes into $586 million. did you play? >> i did. even in the half hour since we talked to that guy, the jackpot has gotten bigger. -- $6 well over $600 million. the drawing tonight is at 11:00 and you can see it on abc seven. >> thank you. hopefully he shares if he wins. out if the place to find you hit the jackpot. look for the winning numbers tonight on abc seven news at 11:00. >> the bipartisan budget deal passed a major test today. the senate advance the bill with enough votes to avoid a filibuster and it is now likely to pass the chamber by tomorrow and go to the white house to be signed. top senate republicans oppose the bill but did not try to defeat it.
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the budget deal with ease the toughest sequester cuts. >> we are digging deeper into a major setback for the nsa surveillance program. a judge has ruled that likely unconstitutional for the government to collect your phone calls. what happens next? we have the story from the white house. blow to the obama administration's massive and controversial collection of american phone records. a federal judge says the national security agency database of virtually all phone calls in the u.s. may be unconstitutional. u.s. district judge richard leon set the program almost certainly does violate a reasonable expectation of privacy. technologyorwellian used by the nsa enables the government to store and analyze the ruling which is been held by liberals and some conservative
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sets up a high-stakes battle over security and spying in america which is expected to be decided i the supreme court. >> a federal judge is finally pushing back and saying to the nsa ,no, mass collection of phone records is not legal. >> it's a victory for nsa leaker edward snowden revealed this summer how much phone data the nsa is gathering. the president has said this row graham and another that tracks e-mails are key to the fight against terror. least 50ow of at threats that have been averted because of this information. >> the judge refuted that argument. for now, the program continues pending the governments almost certain appeal. the justice department says it is studying the decision. here is some breaking news
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-- we are taking a live look from news chopper seven above a house fire in prince george's county in landover, maryland where a two-story house caught fire in the 7200 lock of east ridge drive. fire crews are still on the scene working that fire. let's get to a developing story from afghanistan. the u.s. service members are dead after a helicopter crash in southern afghanistan. one person on board was injured and survived. the crash happened in the zabul province on the helicopter was having engine trouble and there was no insurgent activity in that area. >> how much would you pay for artwork? newill tell you about the way george zimmerman could pay for his defense. >> plus, the boston bombing marathon on the warning signs his family solely for the attack. >> are there multivitamins that are waste of your money?
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new research might have you >> think twice before you pop a pill. >> eileen will be back to talk about the unseasonably warm
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>> was the boston, and mastermind mentally ill? that's a suggestion from a new report. >> it takes a closer look at the troubled history of tamerlan tsarnaev. mental health problems including possible schizophrenia, personal failures, and the senses light -- spiraling out of control all maybe factors according to a new report in "the boston globe." the parents talk about him
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hearing voices. he tells a friend that he goes to moscow with that voices are telling him what to do. cites people who knew the tsarnaev family. there was a suggestion he was mentally ill and one dr. speculated he had schizophrenia. the paper found no evidence of a formal diagnosis. comes otherer potential factors behind the plot plot including personal failures and family problems like the divorce of the tsarnaev parents and family infighting. cnn has learned that tamerlan tsarnaev had us share of setbacks, his failure to make the u.s. olympic boxing team and an arrest for slapping his girlfriend, years on welfare, set backs that could have steered him toward violence. >> one of the sources of this could have been some kind of
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for a bad oron slow transition from another country. that is never easy. there was no indication that one radical islam as leader or group influenced the tsarnaev brothers to plot the bombings. hisead, it is suggested personal demons led him to latch onto the the radical islam he allegedly found on the internet. his leg thinks the piece makes excuses for the tsarnaev brothers. >> it's trying to make us feel sorry for them. come visit my family. now. see how hard it is. todd at was brian reporting and prosecutors would not comment on that report in "the boston globe." artworkge zimmerman's is going for nearly $100,000 on ebay.
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it is a painting of a blue american flag with a few words from the pledge of allegiance. in the description, he says he found a creative way to express himself. he says his artwork is therapeutic and allows him to remain indoors. the money could help him pay off his legal fees from the trayvon martin trial. are multivitamins a waste of money? a new conclusion from an editorial in the magazine of internal magic that medicine is based on three different studies. it says multivitamins does not help prevent cardiovascular disease. they say it does not for tech aging men's brains. might oneill taking day. >> many people will be probably not cleaning out their medicine cabinet. >> i am constantly stocking up on vitamin c because this is the time of year when we all sound like this. >> and the weather keeps
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fluctuating. >> that's exactly what we have in this forecast. today is a bundle up day as well is tomorrow and by the end of the week, probably short sleeves because temperatures will be in the 60's. hopefully you feel better by then. let's get you to some snow pictures. this is one of our forecasters in west virginia. you can see the beautiful snow falling there which is relatively light. most of that on the ground was accumulated from the past two storms. hagerstown, maryland is another one. iscumberland, maryland, this where this is from. thank you for submitting your wintry weather photos. here is a recap of the radar from earlier this morning at four clock a.m. most of the snow has been along the mason-dixon line and we are catching a break.
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a few light showers are over the eastern shore of maryland and into anne arundel county and another blob moving through hagerstown. if you are is over northern ireland associated with this clipper. you can see the milder temperatures to the south and the cold air up north. zero degrees in caribou, maine right now. this shows this spiral around this upper that will continue to slide through. cloudy skies today and temperatures in the low to maybe middle 40's and later tonight, after the system moves through, it will get quite breezy. we are picking up some of these light rain showers over southern maryland and another wave is possible later this evening. everything should be relatively quiet as far as your evening commute. for tomorrow, starting off with sunshine but it will be blustery with winds out of the north and west between 10-20 miles per hour. mostly cloudy today and they
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sprinkle or flurries not out of the question as the disturbance moves through them a lot of upper-level support could squeeze out the precipitation. the high will be between 39-45. later tonight, it will become quite are easy. it will be chilly tomorrow but not warming up much. the wind shifts again to the south and that's what will allow us to warm up. we go toward the winter solstice on saturday and it will feel more like spring. it will be cloudy and a few showers are possible but overall, a better chance on sunday but still 60's. one computer model is putting out 70 degrees but i don't quite but it. >> it is still above freezing which is all that matters. >> exactly. a lot of variety. >> thank you. beatleshear the the like you never heard them before and how bands are getting a
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chance to listen to some previously unreleased songs. >> big changes are coming to
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>> big changes could be coming to your facebook newsfeed. the social networking site will start selling video advertising. the videos will play automatically and could start seeing them as soon as thursday. some beatles fans got an early christmas present today. a collection of 59 rare, previously unreleased song went on sale on the apple itunes store in several countries. it was only briefly. the album a bootleg recordings included on heard versions of hits from the 60s what it has
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now been pulled from itunes. >> once upon a time, an insurance clerk stumbled upon a cottage. [knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies.
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so upgrade your entertainment today with the fios triple play for this amazing price online -- just $79.99 a month guaranteed for the first year, plus a $300 holiday bonus with a 2 year agreement. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. technology that makes your new toys more entertaining. that's powerful. >> happy 77th birthday, pope francis. he marked a special occasion with his daily morning mass. he invited homeless people to join them for breakfast at the vatican hotel. the celebration was pretty low- key. the pope is scheduled to conduct a normal schedule the rest of the day.
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>> i wonder if he got a new pope mobile. >> knowing pope francis, probably not. anyway, maybe a few flurries today and much warmer by the weekend, we will have more at 5:00. >>
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